Back To Reality

After a week off school, the kids and I are back to real life today.

That meant getting up to an alarm clock and getting Ethan to school and then coming home and working on our homeschool work.

Isaac has been coughing. He also hurt himself on our ride home from Bristol and his injury has been bothering him. Poor kid. He was playing with a toy in the van (one that we told him he shouldn’t be using in the van) and it bounced and hit him in the eye.

There was much wailing. He has a bruise, but that’s as serious as the injury is, hopefully. He’s been doing a lot of squinting. I’m hoping that heals quickly and his cough goes away.

He’s been struggling quite a bit with anxiety lately. We could use prayer for peace for him and wisdom for the rest of us to not reinforce the second-guessing and double-checking that seems relentless right now.

Our Christmas decorations are all set up and we’re enjoying them. Although, from the looks of this pictures, we have a lot more lights on the bottom of the tree, than we do on the top!

Oh well. We can rock the scruffy, imperfect look pretty well 🙂

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