Thanksgiving 2017

We made our first trip to East Tennessee last week to celebrate Thanksgiving with Nathan’s parents and Kylene and Justin.

East TN is beautiful! The drive was much prettier during the daytime than in the dark!

On Thursday afternoon, we hiked before our Thanksgiving meal.


Looks like Audrey needed a break! Isaac was the one who really struggled though. He was tired and a bit cranky, but he pulled through and we made it to the top and back down with no issues.

To backtrack a bit, we arrived on Wednesday evening kind of late. We settled the kids in at Nana and Bumpa’s rental house and then Nathan and I and Kylene and Justin went over to the other house. That was our guest house for the weekend 🙂

Thursday morning everyone came over to the house we were at and we hung out, chatted, ate a lot, left to go hiking and then came back for our big meal.

The big fun thing that evening was that we got to drive through the Bristol Motor Speedway to see the huge Christmas lights display. They had lights set up outside and inside. We actually drove on the race track.

On Friday morning, we helped move some boxes from one house to the next and took a quick tour of downtown Bristol before we headed back home.

We had a fun time. I just wish I had thought to get a photo of the group.

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