September Update

I’m close to caught up! How about a recap of our September?

We started September with a bang when the pest company found termites on our property. No activity on the house, but they were closer to the house than I would like and we could see some of their handywork on stray paper bags and other things. So, I gave them all our money to put out a bunch of bait traps around the perimeter of the house. Being an adult is expensive! 🙂


Isaac started STEM scouts. Now he gets to look awesome and adorable in a lab coat and do fun science stuff every week. It’s his thing and it’s fun for him to has his own thing. He also had his speech classes start again. He goes and does this every Friday afternoon.

Ethan got braces! Did I mention that? Only 29 more months to go until he is done!I’ve invested in special threading floss so he can get it in around the braces and I also bought those little brushes to fit in all the little grooves. We also got a special flouride prescription. It’s a whole big ordeal to do tooth care now. It will be worth it, though!

Our church had an on-site women’s retreat the last weekend of the month. It was a fun concept. Friday night was a social/game night. Then we went home to sleep in our own beds and came back on Saturday morning for breakfast and to listen to a couple different speakers. I met some people and I came away feeling really encouraged and grateful.

Nathan is a part of men’s group that is meeting on Tuesday nights online. He doesn’t even have to leave the house. It’s led by our pastor and Nathan is really enjoying it.

Audrey turned 11! I almost forgot to mention that. To celebrate her birthday, Audrey and a friend of hers and I went together and took a trail ride. I have to be honest and say that I was nervous on that big horse, but it went fine and Audrey loved it! I also made a bunch of cookies for Audrey to bring to hand out to all her classmates at tutorial. She had a great birthday.


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