August Update

August was jam-packed with starting up our regular school schedule.

Ethan started going to school that is not in our house and that really changed up the entire feel of how we start our day. I realize now how spoiled I have been. I guess people get used to whatever their “normal” is. For our family, “normal” is having all the kids at home with me. “Normal” is being able to have everyone get up at 7:00 and not really have to worry about getting dressed that quickly or prepared to leave the house because most days we  don’t have anything to be at in the morning.

Tutorial started up again also. We drop off Ethan at 7:45 and then we head to the church where our tutorial meets. We check in and have a short devotional and announcement time for everyone and then we are all off to our classes. Audrey has PE, Drama, Science, Writing, and Civics. Isaac has Inventors and Explorers, Lego Story Starters, PE, Math games, and Science. I have 2 hours of 1st grade Galloping and Globe and 2 hours of 2nd grade Cantering the Country. We finish up at 2:00 and then we waste a little time before we need to pick up Ethan at 3:00. Thursdays are the day when I come home, sit down and then don’t get up again 🙂

At the end of the month, Ethan got braces! He looks like a teenager now. He was very resistant to the idea and I was feeling guilty about how much he was dreading it, but he has adjusted well. We’ll be back on Nov 1 to get them adjusted. I guess we’ll see then, how well Ethan is taking care of his teeth! The dentist said this will be about a 30 month process. I did the math on that and realized that if each of the kids has 30 months in braces and they all start at the same time, we’ll be in braces at this house for quite a while!

Ethan had an eclipse party at school. They all had the special glasses and they had several practice sessions to make sure they were safe 🙂 I was still a little nervous about having the kids stare at the sun for a long time. At home, Audrey, Isaac, and I used boxes that Nathan cut a pin hole into and face away from the sun and look at the reflection. We learned that there is a huge difference between our area of 98% totality and the areas just north of us that 100% totality. Still, very cool to experience!

The other big update is that we decided to make the move to attend a church that is in our community. We’re enjoying being able to be at church with people in our city. It still feels a little awkward to be new, but time will fix that!

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