Spring Is Here!

It’s springtime and I’m so happy to welcome the new season.

This morning, Nathan mowed the yard. There is now the smell of freshly mowed grass and onion in the air. Moving to TN is going to forever have me associating the smell of onion with spring. The onion grass only smells this strong at the beginning of the season. It will soon pass.

I spent time raking out the dead leaves and growth from the flower bed this week. I had neglected doing that at the end of last summer. It’s nice to clear away the dead stuff and see the green new growth poking out of the ground. I planted a few gladiolus bulbs today that will add some more color for this summer. I plan to plant a few more in a couple of weeks.

Our hammock broke last fall 🙁 Sadness!! So, I’m dreaming of a replacement. Do I want a hammock or would I rather have a swing?


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