Something Awesome

As we were getting ready to sign up Ethan for tutorial for next year, my friend, Katherine, encouraged me to sign up Audrey. I was hesitant because I was a little afraid of it being confusing or frustrating for her. Katherine assured me that she knew the kids in the class that Audrey would join and that Audrey would do just fine with them.

So, we registered Audrey and Ethan when it came time. My remaining hesitation was that it costs a big chunk of money. It’s nothing compared to private schooling, but it still meant being creative to figure out a way to afford it. I had been wondering if I could work off some of the cost by helping at the tutorial, but I wasn’t sure how I could do that while having Isaac with me. Paying someone to watch Isaac would have defeated the whole purpose.

And then this week happened! I got a call from Katherine telling me that the director of the tutorial was sad that there was only one boy in next year’s 1st grade class. Katherine mentioned that our family had a Kindergarten boy this year, but told the director it would be an issue financially. Then the director asked Katherine if she could use a helper for her classes next year (Katherine teaches at the tutorial). When it was all said and done, I agreed to be Katherine’s helper, I signed up Isaac, and I’m getting 50% off tuition cost!

So, in summary, I will be paying less tuition for 3 kids than I thought I was going to have to pay for just 2 kids. I only have to pay for 1.5 kids tuition 🙂 I still have to pay the class fees and for books, but I’m still coming out ahead and I don’t have to worry about Isaac because he will be in class. Actually, he will be in class with me for his first 2 hours of the day.

Isaac will be taking Galloping the Globe, PE and Music, Oozing  Bubbling. . . Experiments, Lego WeDo, and 3D Art.

It’s so cool when we get to see God provide– and sometimes He provides more than we even ask!

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