Crazy Weather Day, Maybe?

Jim Cantore is in town. To some that means it’s the “kiss of death” in regard to severe weather. He’s an on-air personality for the Weather Channel. He generally goes where there will be exciting weather.

We are hoping he is wrong and that this is just slow day in regards to weather.

I’m watching my weather sources. My favorite “weather guy” is keeping me update on twitter and his web site. If you want to know about the weather here, if anything significant is happening, you can find out in real time from the twitter link.

We are under a wind advisory for most of the day (20-35 mph winds, gusts up for 45mph). Early this evening a line of storms is supposed to move through this area. The recent post on the site says:

“There are 5 storm outlook classifications from the SPC (nothing, General, Slight, Moderate, and High). “Moderate” is only one step down from the highest category.

The most-likely-to-happen/main threat is Severe, Damaging Winds. As you can see from the below Outlook from the Storm Prediction Center, the probability of damaging winds or wind gusts of 58+ mph happening between 0 and 25 miles of you is now 45% (up from 30% early this morning). Winds 58+ mph cause damage, and when they get that high, they’re classified as severe.”

Hoping this is all much ado about nothing. 🙂

One thought on “Crazy Weather Day, Maybe?”

  1. We are hoping the same about our weather. We were supposed to be getting snow starting at 4:00 a.m. today and it is going on 1:00 and still no snow at all. We got a little freezing rain, but not much. So we wait. And wait. Will we have choir tonight? Still very hard to tell. I think I liked it better when whatever weather you got was just a surprise when it arrived!

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