Lots of Things To Pray About

Our house is a disaster. I have lots of laundry to fold and put away. Dishes need to be put away and the dishwasher loaded again. The bathrooms are disgusting…

I plan to get to that after writing this post.

I have a couple of things that I would love for everyone to pray for:


We have known James since he worked with Nathan at Crown. He is a fellow programmer. Their daughter and our daughter  were dedicated on the same day at our church. They have been in the process of an international adoption. That process has dragged on much longer than they anticipated. Along the journey, they started the process of another international adoption.

And now James is battling cancer. According to this week’s update, James is in his 7th week of “all day, every day” chemo treatments (he gets weekends off, I believe).  His cancer markers are still high. He will have a PET scan in week 9.

Please pray for them. Pray for healing and strength and comfort. Pray for clarity and guidance with all the things that they are processing.


April goes to our church here. She is about my age. She is a mom to young kids. She has Lymphoma. It was diagnosed earlier in the fall. The treatments she has had thus far have not been effective. They went to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas to have the “top” doctors take a look. She now has a new course of treatment they she will be going through. She is back now in TN and this week she started week 1 of R-EPOCH treatments and will be in the hospital until Saturday.

Please pray for April and her family. Please pray that God would heal her and keep her strong through the chemo treatments. Pray that she would be encouraged.


Monica is a friend who attends a Bible study that I am a part of. Yesterday, 35 weeks into her pregnancy, she went to the doctor and they could not find a heart beat for their baby son. Today she will deliver the baby.

It’s heartbreaking. Please pray for Monica and her family. Pray for comfort and healing.

That’s what on my mind today.

2 thoughts on “Lots of Things To Pray About”

  1. That is indeed a lot for you to be caring about today. Thank you for sharing, so we can be praying for these people. The last one in particular resonates with me because my best friend when I was your age lost her baby that way – a little earlier in the pregnancy, but I remember how very difficult it was for them. They got to hold him after he was delivered and named him and had a funeral for him and I think that helped, because everyone understood better that this was a real person that they loved very much that they had lost. Then that brought back to me how my mom had lost her first baby shortly after he was born and how hard that must have been for them, too. Life is hard sometimes, but God knows that.

    Sending hugs your way.

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