Happy “Day Before Valentine’s” Day



I cannot believe how much the sunshine and lack of it has impacted me. I’ve been dragging for days. There has been no sun. Today, it’s 47 degrees and the sun is shining and I feel like I could conquer the world. It looks like spring outside. What’s funny about that is we actually woke up to snow on the ground. School was cancelled yesterday because of the threat of snow, but the temperatures stayed just a little too high during the day for that to materialize. But by evening, there were flurries. Schools had a 2 hour late start this morning and most of the roads were clear quite early. It looks like spring is arriving next week!

We’ve been enjoying our rec center membership. I love that it is so close. I’m planning to head over there tonight. Last night we all went swimming. Now the kids have no reason to be sad that we don’t have a pool in our neighborhood.

Audrey picked up one of her library books this morning and started reading it by herself and did so well. There were quite a few difficult words and I only helped her a little. Hooray for Audrey! Ethan is currently sitting in the school room working on grammar. It’s his least favorite because he gets easily distracted and that causes him to take a very long time :-(.

I got a hair cut last week. A really short hair cut. I will post a photo soon.

Nathan and I are doing the diet bet this month. I’m down about 2.2 lbs for the month. Nathan is down at least 5. We’ll see if we can work hard enough to lose the 4% of our body weight we need to “win”. 18 days to go.

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