[IF] Thoughts

I spent the weekend attending a women’s conference in the comfort of my friend, Casey’s, home.

This is my very favorite way to attend a conference. Awesome speakers and worship and I get to sit in comfy clothes and have yummy snacks and “pause” the conference while discussing it with friends.

I got to hear from Rebekah Lyons, Ann Voskamp, Jennie Allen, Jen Hatmaker, Sarah Bessey, Angie Smith (my best friend who I was too shy to say hello to earlier in the fall), Kristin Armstrong, Bianca Orloff and Christine Caine. And there were more that I missed. And then Melissa Greene (Avalon), Christy Nockles (Passion conferences) and Melinda Doolittle(American Idol) helped lead the music.

I’m still processing it. It was very powerful.

The premise of the weekend was this: If God is real, then what? — Hence the title of this post. The conference was the “IF Gathering”.

Have any of you heard Christine Caine speak? She was incredible. I have the words ringing in my head still. Straight from Scripture- “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free”.  She talked about how the Israelites had been delivered out of Egypt but didn’t truly grab hold of their freedom and ended up doing “laps around Mt. Sinai” for years. If they had chosen to trust God over their circumstances, they could have finished their journey in a fraction of that time.

Their old “problem” was already solved and covered by God.

Then she said this:



Yep. We all decided we need t-shirts that say “Get A New Problem”. (thanks Casey for the photo)

The weekend was wrapped up by Jen Hatmaker. She is funny and profound and convicting and said exactly what I needed to hear. Some I had heard before. Things like this: At some point, we need to consider that we shouldn’t spend all our time “blessing the blessed and feeding the fed”. And this: “We do not need to defend the gospel.  No we do not…We serve a kingdom that will not be shaken…Nobody can steal from us what Jesus already won for us…If we don’t have to be Jesus defenders then we are set free to be representatives”

Not that we shouldn’t defend truth, but we’ve gotten to a point where we are in a posture of seeing everyone “out there” as the enemy.

That’s what I’m chewing on these days. I wish I could have taken all of you along for the adventure.


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