Mom’s Night Out

I had a Mom’s night out with 2 friends (a third couldn’t make it– sad) on Tuesday. We had supper and then got to see the film “Mom’s Night Out”. It doesn’t actually start showing in theatres until ┬áMother’s Day, but one of my friends had tickets to preview it. One of the perks of living in this area, I guess! We got a bag of goodies to promote the movie and we had to do a little survey after watching the show.

It was good. I really enjoyed it. There are several actors that you’ll recognize in this film: Patricia Heaton (from Everybody Love Raymond and The Middle), Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings) and Sarah Drew (April from Grey’s Anatomy) and Trace Adkins (country singer).

Take a look:


My kids are looking forward to seeing it and it’s safe for all ages.

7 thoughts on “Mom’s Night Out”

  1. That looks hysterical. I’m definitely buying it on dvd when it comes out. I’m sitting here laughing until I cry just watching the preview. How will I survive the actual movie!!!?

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