Touristy Stuff

My friend, Kimberely, visited us this week. She was here from Wednesday night until Saturday morning. I took the opportunity to drop the kids off at a friends house on Thursday and take in some historical places in town with her.

You may or may not know that the town we currently live in was a site of a very bloody battle during the Civil War. Sometimes I forget too, but I’m reminded when the traffic is backed up and I realize that it’s because Civil War reenactors are marching up one of the main streets in town! My other reminders are the brown signs all over town that say, “You are now entering the battlefield of Franklin”.

Kimberely and I toured the “big three” historical sites in Franklin that are associated with the battle: The Carter House, The Lotz House and Carnton Plantation. Of the three, the Carter House tour was the most interesting. Imagine getting a knock on your door one day and finding Union Soldiers who are there to announce they are taking over your home as their headquarters for a battle. The family and neighbors hid in the cellar while the battle raged around them. 5 hours after the battle started over 6,000 soldiers had been killed.

Living here has increased my interested in Civil War history.

Now I just need to visit all the major Nashville sites and I’ll really feel settled in here!

Dentist Visit

Today was the big day! We had a dentist appointment this morning for 4 of us. That’s 1 mom + 3 kids. That also meant that I had to be sitting in the chair getting my teeth cleaned while my children behaved! Haha!


A couple of really cool things happened to make this visit a good one.

1)When I called to find out how much it was going to cost for cleanings and xrays, the receptionist told me which discount plan offered the best discount for their office. I was able to switch to that plan with no additional cost to me. We used to choose a discount plan a few months ago and through that site, I just switched from one plan to another. I hadn’t used the other one yet and it was a really easy switch.

2)The hygenists (there were two between the 4 of us getting taken care of) were so good with the kids. It was Isaac’s first time having an appointment and they made it a good experience for him. Audrey was a little scared at first, but the woman working with her was excellent at coaxing her into the chair and calming her. She even helped me parent the three kids while I was in the chair!

3)They didn’t make me do full panoramic xrays of all of them and agreed with me to wait to do xrays for Isaac. That saved us a ton of money. I have full confidence that they are not going to try to sell me unnecessary procedures. Yeah!

4)None of us had cavities! I was sure that Ethan and I would have cavities and we didn’t!

I still can’t believe how well it went. I’m feeling sheepish for my lack of trust in God to take care of this situation. Now we have 6 months to floss and brush before our next visit!



We rearranged again. Now the dining room table is in the middle of the family room. The couch, chair and TV are in the Dining Room! We’re wild and crazy like that, evidently.

I felt the need to move things around. I couldn’t get our family room size and furniture to arrange in a way that I felt was cozy. And the dining room table ¬†felt too big for the dining room. I’ve always loved switching up how furniture is arranged. Some of it is that it feels like I have a new place when it’s done. The other aspect for me is that in recent years I usually do that when I need to feel better about the place where I’m living. If I feel restless and discontent, moving the furniture usually helps.

I have definitely been feeling restless and discontent. I’ve been praying a lot about it lately. Getting the paperwork to list our home was sobering. If we get what we owe (which is WAY above market value), we need to bring $11,000 to closing. If we get what our realtor thinks we’ll get, we need to bring $33,000 to closing. It feels like an impossible situation.

Our plan to save up enough money for a down payment for a house here seems so far out of reach too. The medical costs keep coming. Within the next month, we’re going to be spending more than $700 just to get xrays and teeth cleaning for the 5 of us. And I know that at least two of us will have cavities. That will be an additional expense. We have some saved up for medical expenses and we can reallocate money saved for different things. We can pay the bills, thankfully! The problem is that between saving for travel to see family, medical expenses, car repairs and for house repairs and a possible empty house in Winsted (depending on if the tenants decide to move), there is little left to save for anything else.

The truth is, when we do our budget, we have not been able to allocate money for things that we really should because of our mortgage in MN. We’re at a point where we need to set a date that is really soon for when we’re done with our home in MN and/or we need to find an additional source of significant income.

I’ve been quiet on the blog because I’ve felt sad about this, but I didn’t know how to express it. I don’t want it to seem like we’re in poverty. We’re not. And I don’t want it to seem like a request for money. I’m not asking for money.

In the meantime, I’m rearranging furniture.





It’s Happening-Hopefully

Our house is now “on the market” officially. Will you pray with us that we’ll get an offer that we can accept? The listing paperwork was sobering. We need to bring a significant amount of money to closing even if we get what we owe on the house. Apparently, it’s costs a lot of money just to sell you house! We’re trusting God to work out the details. Maybe one of those details will include selling my spleen or liver. We’ll see.

We’ll let you know what happens.

Tell your friends! Here’s a link to the listing:,ff4ce32580694bcc5b1268289c44560a,1,results,4344820.html

Weekend Fun

Daddy Daughter Ball

A local church had a Daddy Daughter Ball on Friday night. Nathan and Audrey got dressed up and went dancing! They also got lots of candy, made necklaces and Audrey won a $10 gift card to Sweet CeCe’s. They had a great time.

We talked to our property manager tonight. We had been waiting to hear if our tenants wanted to buy our house, but we have not heard anything from them. So, it’s time to list the house. It sounds like it will probably be listed once we sign an agreement this week. The current lease is up at the end of April. We’re praying that they will renew.

Please be in prayer for us. The last month has really taken a toll. Having the house issue up in the air is hard. I’ve also been dealing with homeschool stress, Nathan’s face is hurting again and now I’m experiencing some physical things that I’m going to need to get checked out. The muscle under my left eye has been twitching since Friday (off and on for over two days now– anytime I pay attention to see if it’s happening, it is) and now it just feels weird in general. It’s probably stress related. I’m trying to figure out a way to not be anxious, but it’s hard. I’ve been praying about it. I wish God would just take away the anxiety.

It feels like we’re under attack. We would really appreciate the prayers.