Week 4, Day 1 — I did it!

Today, I ran 16 minutes in two 5-minute and two 3-minute stretches! The first run was the worst, until the 2nd run….heh.

Actually, I was thinking “I’m never going to make it” halfway into that 2nd run, the 1st 5-minute one I’ve done during the program. I know it was about halfway since that’s when the voice came on and said “You’re halfway through your run! You can do it!” I kept on running, if only so I could make it back home, look up the guys’ address, and go and throw eggs at it. I was sure I was 4 minutes into that run and he had the gall to come on and tell me I was actually only HALFWAY!

Actually, that’s probably not his fault. Can you throw eggs at the apparent slow passage of time? Probably not.

Anyway, I was pretty convinced I was going to have to quit about halfway into the last, and also 5-minute, run. I was really starting to hurt and it felt like I had been running forever. Then the guy comes on and says “You’re on your last minute! Go for it!” I certainly did, since I was back on the whole throwing eggs at his house kick. What happened to my halfway warning!

But, I did make it to the end of the run. I walked home feeling pretty good about myself. I’m still a wimp, but I’m a wimp that ran tonight.

Amy’s Run- Week 8, Day 2

I need to stop switching routes! Today was another new one. We have some friends who like to use the trail that is just a mile from our house. I thought that it looked like it would be a little easier because it didn’t have the hills that I’ve been battling. Well, I probably should have looked closer. It didn’t have any steep hills, but the second half of the mile long stretch that starts at our town is an incline and right before the 1 mile mark it gets a little more steep. So, to my friends who use this trail to work out, I need to tell you that your route is not easy! You don’t have to feel like you’re taking a wimpy route.

I pushed myself hard. I had some caffeine earlier and I was feeling kind of jumpy. I parked at the dam and I walked for 2 1/2 minutes down the trail away from town and then turned back and walked 2 1/2 minutes back to the start of the 1 mile stretch. Then I ran for 28 minutes. I ran the mile back to town and then turned and ran a mile back and kept going on the trail. I didn’t make it to the next cross road, but I was probably about a tenth of a mile away. That’s the longest I have ever run. I did a little over 2 1/2 miles in 28 minutes. I can’t tell for sure how far it was exactly ,but I feel good about my time. I worked really hard . I ran longer and farther than I ever did before. The mapmyrun site said my pace for the 28 minutes was 10:43, but I must have entered something wrong because I think that’s an 11:00 pace.

Amy’s Run- Week 8, Day 1

I decided to start my week today without a break. The weather was great and I like running on Sunday afternoons!

This week’s program is to do the 5 minute warm-up walk followed by 28 minutes of running. The goal distance is 2.75 miles for that 28 minutes.

My route for today was 3.13 miles. That’s a tiny bit longer than a 5k and I thought that week 8 of this program should give me a good idea of how close I am to my target of doing a 5k by the end of the “Couch to 5k” program.
I chose a really awful route though. Our town is not flat. It’s hard to find a route that covers 5k without doubling back or having to run some serious hills. The elevation of today’s route went from 994ft to 1053ft. I think most of that is one particular block and that feels like I’m running straight up. One of these days, I’m going to choose a flat route and see how speedy I am! ** I just went back and looked up the elevation of the one monster hill that I tackled today. In 1/3 mile I had an ascent of 46 ft. I started at 1007 and ended at 1053. I don’t know a lot about running, but that seems like a steep hill to me.**

Anyway, I did 3.13 miles in 38:10. Overall, that means I averaged about 12.11 a mile. For my 27 minutes (the podcast said the time was up a minute before it should have) of running, I did 2.37. That’s 11.4 minutes a mile.

Amy’s Run- Week 7, Day 3

My last run of the week.

The total route took me 33:36. It felt really hard. The weather was great, but I was really hot. I over-dressed since I’m used to it being about 25 degrees cooler. Oh well. The big hill at about 2/3 of the way through my route was miserable. I felt like I was going a lot slower.

I ended up going father today though! I made it 2.20 miles during my 25 minutes of running and I made it home (2.84 miles) in 33.:36. That’s 1:14 off of yesterday.

Audrey’s Echo

No results yet.

The nurse who checked us in said we wouldn’t hear from a doctor that day unless there was an abnormality. I guess that’s how things work on a weekend (Friday).

However, as I was relaying this information to Nathan, when we were with the technician doing the echo, she said that the doctor that was on duty there that day liked to talk to all the patients regardless of the outcome of the echo: good or bad. But when we were finished, the doctor was not around. He was probably over at the hospital portion of Children’s checking on other patients. So, we didn’t talk to a doctor and can’t say for sure if that means everything is great.

I did call our clinic yesterday to ask if they received the results. The nurse that called back at the end of the day said they hadn’t heard anything yet. Obviously, we aren’t dealing with any emergency issue 🙂

Amy’s Run- Week 7, Day 2

It was cold and raining a little. Yuck!

I had mapped out a new route with the assumption that my 5 minute warm-up walk would stay at the same pace it has been(.33 miles in that 5 minutes). I added the 2.5 miles that the Cool Running program had for the goal for this week if I was running based on distance. I have not been. I’ve been just focusing on the amount of time I’m running, but I wanted to see how far off from 2.5 miles I would end up when “time” was called. So, my whole route today was 2.84.

My 5 minute warm-up walk took me .33 miles
I went 2.15 miles during my 25 minutes of running. I was a tiny bit slower than I was on Tuesday.
It took me 4 minutes and 50 seconds to make it home from there. That was .36 of a mile. I mostly walked, but then I ran the last 50 seconds. I was bummed that my final couple of minutes were uphill! Ugh!

My total distance from beginning of warm-up back to our house was 2.84 miles and it took me 34:50.