Amy’s Run- Week 9, Day 2

Only one more run to complete until I’ve finished the C25K program! Woohoo!

I started out after Nathan got home from work . It was raining, but not too cold. It’s was in the 50’s. That’s not bad running weather. I actually felt a little warm by halfway through my run.

I had done a little research so that I would know where I should keep my heart rate number. I took off and looked at the HRM (heart rate monitor) to see what my numbers were like as I started my warm-up. It said some number in the 50’s. Hmmm… that alarmed me since my resting heart rate is 60. How could it be lower while I was walking? By the time I started running, I decided that there was something seriously wrong with my HRM as it never registered anything over the 80’s. So, I just decided to run easy and slow down so that I didn’t feel like I was pushing myself very much.

In choosing my easier route, I somehow ended up about 2 miles from home at the farthest point. For my run, I went 2.72 miles in 32 minutes. That’s a rate of 11:46/mile. That’s 1 minute slower per mile than I went on Tuesday. So, despite flying blind, I managed to slow it down. And I had a nice loooooooong walk to cool down on the way home.

When I got home, Nathan figured out that the HRM was set to show the percentage of my maximum HR. So, it looks like I averaged 77%. I was able to bring my average heart rate down about 25 beats. I feel pretty good about that and I didn’t feel wiped out at the end.

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