Amy’s Run- Week 9, Day 1

I was eager and nervous about getting to my run today. The sun was out and the weather was warmer. I was perfectly comfortable in my short-sleeved shirt. It was windy though and the direction of the wind worked against me at the beginning of the run and then again at the end.

After reading Kylene’s post about keeping track of her heart rate while she is working out, I was more aware of my own heart rate during today’s workout. I have done a tiny bit of research and it seems like long runs at a relatively low heart rate are most beneficial for increasing your stamina, avoiding injury and eventually helping with your speed. I need to get better at that because my running pace had my heart rate higher than it probably should be.

I repeated my route from Saturday. It’s a 3.43 mile route. I ran a little bit slower today. For my 30 minutes of running, I covered about 2.78 miles. That’s a pace of 10:41/mile. My overall time, which includes my warm up walk and the time it took me to get back to our house after my 30 minute run, was 38:55. So, factoring in my walking, for that 3.43, I had a pace of 11:24/mile.

Only two more runs until I’m done with the Couch to 5k program!

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