In which I talk about running and the inspirational “Mr. and Mrs. F.”

About 9 weeks ago I had a conversation with my friend. She said she might be interested in starting to run. I mentioned that I had started working on the Couch to 5k program a couple of years ago, but I never got past the 20 minute run. She said she might be interested in doing it.

The next day I laced on my running shoes and started up the program again. The next time I talked to my friend, I found out that she had looked up the information online and had shared it with her husband. He agreed to give it a shot. They got outfitted with good running shoes and they started the next day.

As this couple started on the Couch to 5k program, the husband started a blog to write about their running journey. The first day they ran they took their cell phone with them “just in case” because “Mr. F.” wasn’t convinced that he wouldn’t have a heart attack or need some sort of emergency medical help somewhere along the path.

Taking this journey with them has been awesome. At some point, I missed a day and ended up running the day after them. I would eagerly check their blog to see how their run went. When it came time for me to go and do my run, I would be absolutely convinced that I could do it because they had conquered it. I wont go into extensive detail because there are a few factors in play for a few more weeks that require anonymity, but I will say that “Mr. F.” started this journey with over 85 pounds to lose and seriously declining health.

From my own experience and definitely from theirs, I learned some important things:

  • After 8 weeks of running, it’s still hard work.
  • People who run don’t necessarily do it because it’s “easy” for them.
  • Mr. and Mrs. F would never have started on this journey if they thought that had to change everything at once. They looked at the first run of the first week and said, “I think I can do that.” They just concentrated on this one thing. As they found success, they made some more lifestyle changes later on.
  • For most of us, to make progress in fitness and to lose weight we have to force ourselves to do things we don’t want to do– not EVERYTHING we don’t want to do, but certainly at least one thing.
  • We also need to attempt things we don’t think we’ll be ABLE to do.
  • I’m not too busy to exercise. We find time for things that are important to us.
  • If I don’t change my eating habits, I wont lose much or any weight (I have to run for a half hour to burn off one candy bar- that’s a lot of work).

8 weeks ago, running for 60 seconds was hard. Now I’m running for 30 minutes at a time! Mr. and Mrs. F. have many followers of their blog and are even inspiring people who are outside of the United States. Because of them, even Nathan has decided to run. He’s on week 5 this week and will be mastering a 20 minute run on Saturday!

**I’m moderating comments on this post just for a while to make sure I protect the identity of the “F” couple. Please don’t let that stop you from commenting!**

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  1. Wow! Thank you for your kind words. Mrs. F and I wouldn't be doing what we are doing if we hadn't heard about it from you, however. So, I want to say a hearty thank you for helping us to get started–something that's helped me lose 20 lbs. in the past eight weeks!

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