Amy’s Run- Week 8, Day 4 (extra)

I’m counting today’s run as a bonus or extra run.

It was hard. Since this was “extra”, I wanted to use a route that showed my progress toward doing a 5k. I chose a route that included an extra .33 miles to account for my warm-up. The entire distance was 3.43 miles.

I used my Zune and had loaded 35 minutes worth of music. I had only used it before to listen to the running podcast with the techno music and Robert Ullrey saying, “You’re almost done. You’re halfway there….” I’m sure he’s a nice guy and he had to use whatever music he could find that had a free license for use anywhere, but techno isn’t my thing.

As soon as my music started, I broke into a grin. I was happy. It was making me happy to hear, Fracesca Battistelli sing, “I gotta couple dents in my fender. . .” I was almost through my warm-up when I passed two older gentlemen chatting. One of them told me that I was “looking good”. He said that it was okay for him to say that because he was old!

I was happy to be back on the road where I could see that I was making progress! On the trail, I would sometimes feel like I was running in place. I also realized the upside of a hilly route. Did you know that if you have a good uphill run, you will probably end up getting to go downhill at some point if you run a circular route? You did? Huh. Well, the downhills were nice.

I had a lovely downhill run on Fairlawn. I ran up 1st and took a right onto Fairlawn. That road goes down for about a half mile. Then I got to the bottom and had another revelation. Evidently, it was time to run uphill. For a long, long time. Darn hills. Darn Newsboys for making me run too fast and not pace myself better. Who had the brilliant idea to do this? At that point, I think Chris Sligh was singing.

I kept plodding along even when I thought I would die. It crossed my mind that I might pass out. I kept going. I made it all the way up Linden to Cty Rd 1 and I made my left turn. I decided I would try to make it to my friend’s house before passing out. Maybe they would be looking out the window and come rescue me. I made it to their house and still had time left and I hadn’t passed out. I kept going. I made it all the way to Andy before my 30 minute run was done. Only 2 blocks from our house! I walked a block and a half and then ran the rest of the way home.

I came home and looked up my route again. It took me 38:08 from the time I left the house until I got back home. I went 3.43 miles! My entire route was finished at a pace of 11:05/mile and that included my walk at the beginning and at the end. During my 30 minutes of running, I went 2.85 miles. That’s a pace of 10:30/mile.

Now I know why I felt like I might die.

**Edited to add my song list**
Hosanna- Selah
I am Free- Newsboys
Wherever We Go- Newsboys
I’m Letting Go- Francesca Battistelli
Free to be Me- Francesca Battistelli
Empty Me- Chris Sligh
Hide- Joy Williams
I Saw the Light- David Crowder
Hoppipolla- Sigur Ros

I think I had it on shuffle because they didn’t play in this order.

3 thoughts on “Amy’s Run- Week 8, Day 4 (extra)”

  1. See I told you, you were faster than me! And you did hills — you rock! We saw you run by and Andrew yelled out "Run" and I came outside to yell at you to run faster but you were too far gone already!!

    Way to go on the time front though, Im impressed!

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