Amy’s Run- Week 8, Day 3

Another 28 minute run today. Nathan took the afternoon off so I took off and did the run at about 2:30. I took the trail again. Yeah for doing the same route two days in a row!

One great thing about the trail is that the main section is one mile. It makes for instant feedback on pace when you get to the end of the trail. At the two mile mark, I noted that I had shaved 10 seconds off my previous run. I also felt like I might fall over and die. I was pretty sure that I would not be able to run for another 6 minutes, but I lasted for another half mile before time was up (I think, maybe, probably… I can’t exactly map it, but there were some milestones that I used for indicators).

So, for today: 2.55 miles in 28 minutes.

I have completed week 8!

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